Day for kids

Day for kids

One Day Can Change a Child’s Future.

Day for Kids is a national day of celebration that invites YOU to join Boys & Girls Clubs in making a difference for kids in your community. For more than a decade, adults and kids alike have participated in Day for Kids events as a way to advocate for youth. Day for Kids is a celebration of the life-changing work taking place at Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation, and a reminder that one day can change a child’s future.

Many young people face serious issues in childhood that can impact their success in adulthood:

  • 3 million children are home alone after school
  • 5 million youth live in poverty
  • 1 in 6 students fail to graduate from high school
  • About 2,700 juveniles are arrested daily
  • One-third of kids are overweight

For more than 150 years, Clubs have provided children and teens with a safe, caring environment, and the resources and guidance to achieve great futures. Today, 4,300 Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation serve 4 million youth each year, work that we believe changes young lives for the better.

From games, to bounce houses, to free membership, Day for Kids has everything a person wants to be a child for a day. Day for Kids is in September so keep an eye out for future dates!