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Following strict social distancing and group gathering guidelines, Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley is now open to all families in Yerington, Silver Springs, Dayton and Hawthorne for special COVID-19 programming! We understand the impact our closure has had on our families and we greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to work to get back to normal.

Yerington 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sutro Elementary 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Hawthorne 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday
The Club Teen Center 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Silver Springs 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Measures, in accordance with guidelines from the governor’s office, will be taken to ensure we can serve our communities while keeping both youth and staff safe. Our sites are cleaned daily, and we will practice both social distancing and limiting crowds in our sites.

Parents interested can see our handbook, policies, pricing and signup information below. We won’t turn any child away due to financial hardship. Scholarships are available to those in need.

No parents will be permitted in the building. Parents or a designated pick up person will need to call when they arrive. A staff member will meet the child at the door to do a daily wellness screen before being permitted into the program. A hygiene station will be set up at the entrance of the facility so that children can clean their hands before they enter.

Items children and teens are allowed to bring into the building will be limited. Allowable items include: a mask, a reusable water bottle (suggested), coat, electronics and medications. All items must be clean and, if possible, will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes upon arrival to the Club. Please also legibly label any personal items with your child’s name. Backpacks are not allowed. However, we know that schooling is important, so please send your children with their school work and anything they might need to finish it.

Parents are asked to provide an extended list of emergency contacts who are able to pick the child up in case of any emergency. Parents are asked to notify Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley if any children participating in the program have symptoms or have potentially been exposed and will be asked to sign a document declaring their health status daily. 

If a child exhibits symptom (fever, dry cough accompanied with a fever, difficulty breathing), they will be separated from the group until they are able to be picked up by a parent or listed emergency contact.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley is taking the current situation very seriously and we have a zero-tolerance policy in regard to practicing social distancing and daily screenings.

Signup form

CLICK HERE to sign your child or teen up for our programming. If you’re experiencing any issues, please call 463-2334.

How we’re keeping your kids & our staff safe

  • Mask Requirement
    • Effective June 26, masks will be required for all members at all Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley sites per state mandate. Members are encouraged to bring a mask from one, but members in need of one will be provided their first one free of charge.
  • Daily screenings
    • Youth and parents will be subject to a short questionnaire and temperature check before entering the site.
  • In programming rooms: 
    • Keep your hands to yourself
    • Each child will be assigned to a room for the day
    • Tables and chairs will be a minimum of six feet apart
    • Staff and youth will wash hands when entering a room and when leaving each time
    • Staff and youth will only be using supplies that are given to them for the day
    • Rooms will be sanitized at the conclusion of every day
  • In the gym: 
    • Keep your hands to yourself 
    • Maintain distance when playing group games
    • Don’t share equipment 
  • Water policy: 
    • Disposable water bottles or water jugs filled by staff will be supplied in rooms 
    • Water fountains will be out of service 
    • Please bring your own water bottle if possible 
  • In the restrooms: 
    • One member will be allowed in a restroom at a time
    • Members must wash their hands after using the restroom 
  • When using equipment: 
    • Only use equipment given to you
    • All equipment will be sanitized after each use
  • Mealtimes: 
    • Meals will be delivered to each room 
    • Wash your hands before and after each meal 
  • Transitions: 
    • Maintain arm’s length distance & five-second pace behind or in front of each member
  • When outside: 
    • Keep your hands to yourself 
    • Maintain distance when playing group games 
    • Wash your hands before and after going outside 
  • General hygiene: 
    • Cough or sneeze into your upper arm
    • Please ask to use bathroom to be and sanitize your hands


Fees are due on a daily or weekly basis, vary by number of children attending from each household and are due prior to your child being dropped off.

All payments must be made by phone to the site your child is attending. Financial assistance is available by filling out and returning to your Club site the Children’s Cabinet form below.

Yerington (775) 463-2334
Sutro Elementary (775) 246-8290
Hawthorne (775) 945-2428
Silver Springs (775) 909-4072
William N. Pennington Teen Center (775) 463-2334

  • Weekly
    • One Child – $40
    • Two Children – $75
    • Three Children – $100
    • Family – $125
  • Daily
    • One Child – $10
    • Two Children – $20
    • Three Children – $30
    • Family – $40

Handbook & Member Policies
Children’s Cabinet

Meal program

Breakfast and lunch, meeting USDA guidelines, will be provided each day by Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley. Should your child bring outside food into the building, it must be in a disposable container only. However, we ask that children do not bring outside food into the facility unless it is necessary due to dietary restrictions or allergies.

Youth and families not attending the Club during this time can still have meals delivered during the week in Yerington, Silver Springs and Dayton or available for pick up in Hawthorne. For more details on the Club’s expanded food program during our closure, click here.

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